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extract from "Yalpana Vaipava Kaumuthi"

By S.K. Velupillai

Mudaliyar Thiruchittampala: Mudaliyar Thiruchittampala's forefathers came from Karaikkal. He was residing at Uyarapulam. He was born in 1630 or thereabouts. He got married to the daughter of Innacikanakar, who was the son of Seemankanakar and took up residence at Atchuvely. This Seemankanakar was born in 1570 at Atchuvely and was holding a Government post under the Portuguese. Mudaliyar Thiruchittampala's son was Mudaliyar Chidambaranatha, whose son was Mudaliyar Narasinga Mappana. This Mudaliyar Mappana's son was Mudaliyar Chidambaranatha II. He was married into the ancestral line of Princess Vethavalli, who was the daughter of Prince Pararajasinghan. The descendants of Mudaliyar Chidambaranatha were holding Government posts under British rule too. In this ancestral family, the 4th generation of the above said Mudaliyar were Mudaliyar Thiruchittampala, Thiruchelvarayar and Vidane Karalapillai Soosaipillai. The latter died in the year 1911 at the age of 77. He was in a way a cousin of Muruga Udayar Rasa, an influential man in those days.

The above is an extract from "Yalpana Vaipava Kaumuthi" by S. K. Velupillai. This is the 3rd family mentioned in the book the first being Varatha Pandither, a Brahmin, who married at Atchuvely and the second is Mudaliyar Poologasinga of Tellipalai.