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"Yamuna Eri" the beautiful pond was built by King Cinkai Ariyan Cekaracacekaran and it is situated close to "Manthiri Manai" the Royal Palace at "Cankili Thoppu" in Nallur. Yamuna Eri was built with walls on three sides in the shape of the Tamil letter "ப". The rim of the pond is covered with stone blocks and there are stairs leading down to the pond and a secret underground tunnel connects to the “Manthiri Manai”. The River Yamuna also known as Jamuna is one of the most important and sacred rivers in North India. Water was brought from the sacred Yamuna River and mixed it with the water in the pond, hence it came to be called "Yamuna Eri". During the reign of King Cinkai Pararacacekaran (1478-1591), he redecorated the capital city of Nallur, reconstructed the Yamuna Eri and built new temples for the well being of his subjects.

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