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Cinkai Pararacacekaran (1478-1591) was the most successful of the Kings of Jaffna and when he ascended the throne in 1478, his regime became the “Golden Era” of the Kingdom of Jaffna. He was spiritual and is remembered for his services to Saivaism and he paid homage at every temple in his Kingdom.

During the reign of Cinkai Pararacacekaran, he had rebuilt the old Hindu Temples that had been destroyed during Sapumal Kumararya’s invasion. Among them were the Veyilukantha Pillaiyar Temple, Veeramakaliamman Temple, Sattanathar Temple and Kailayanathar Temple. He redecorated the capital city Nallur and reconstructed the Yamuna Eri.

Cinkai Pararacacekaran also built new temples for the well being of his subjects. One of them is the well known Inuvil Sri Pararacacekara Pillaiyar Temple and it is located in Inuvil, which is around 4 miles from Jaffna Town. The Inuvil Sri Pararacacekara Pillaiyar Temple is situated along the Inuvil – Manipay road. The temple is one of the sacred Hindu temples in Jaffna and it is built during the rule of Arya Cakravarttis 14-15th century. The main deity in the sanctum sanctorum (Karbagraham) is the Vinayakar.

According to the legend, a picture in the main Mandapm of the Sri Pararacacekara Pillaiyar temple, depicts Cinkai Pararacacekaran worshipping at the temple in the company of his ministers. The annual temple festival celebrated for 9 days during the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May-June).

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