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Today marks one month since the devastating attacks which took place across the country

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Arya Cakravartti Dynasty


It is been a month since the bomb explosions which took place across the country on Easter Sunday. It is with great sadness that the people of Sri Lanka remember this day as one of the worst and most unforgettable days our great nation has ever suffered.

I would like to convey my deepest concern over the recent riots which took place in the country, which I find unacceptable. Unfortunately some groups of people are trying to create unnecessary problems in the country and trying to disturb the hard earned peace.

A proper investigation should be conducted without undue delay and government authorities should take stern action against the perpetrators. The Law Enforcement Officers should ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.

Each human life is precious and valuable for us, therefore the Government should ensure the safety and security of all citizens and the people of Sri Lanka should be able to live without any fear and prevent further loss of innocent lives.

The Government should take all necessary steps to restore peace and normalcy in the country.

As I mentioned earlier, I would kindly like to remind you all that on the Island we have groups with different languages, race, religions, customs and traditions. All the people of Sri Lanka should be able to live in a truly equal multicultural society.

I would like to acknowledge and commend the services rendered by the Tri-Forces and the Police during this difficult time.

I take this opportunity to call upon all the people of Sri Lanka not to be silent or unmoved. We must all work together to restore peace in the country and we must stand together as a nation. Therefore I urge all Sri Lankans to come forward, put aside your differences and join hands for the happiness of the whole country.

I do hope and pray that we can overcome this problem and all communities should live together in peace and harmony.

Sri Lanka will rise up through the ashes once again and therefore please remain united and strong.

May God bless you all,


Rajadhani Nilayam
The Nethernlands