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The Official Website of the Royal Family of Jaffna (Sri Lanka)

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22-08-2019Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
14-07-2019රාජධනී මාධ්‍ය නිවේදනය
14-07-2019ராஜதானி செய்தி அறிக்கை
31-05-2019Today marks 38 years since the burning of the Jaffna Public Library
20-05-2019Today marks one month since the devastating attacks which took place across the country
18-05-201918 May 2009 - 18 May 2019
21-04-2019Urgent Press Release
21-04-2019முக்கிய அறிவிப்பு!
14-04-2019Sinhala and Tamil New Year Message 2019
21-03-2019A Side Event at the United Nations during the 40th Session, 2030 Agenda and Human Rights
04-03-2019ராஜதானி நிலையத்திலிருந்து செய்தி வெளியீடு
14-01-2019Thai Pongal Message 2019
01-01-2019New Year Message 2019


24-12-2018Christmas Message 2018
06-12-2018Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
06-12-2018ராஜதானி நிலையத்திலிருந்து செய்தி வெளியீடு
23-11-2018Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
06-11-2018Deepavali Message 2018
24-04-2018Press Release - In Response to the BBC interview given by HE President of Sri Lanka
23-04-2018Press Release - The Raja Remigius Kanagarajah’s Health
14-04-2018Sinhala and Tamil New Year Message 2018
16-03-2018Press Release - The Raja Remigius Kanagarajah’s Health.
16-03-2018யாழ் அரச நிலையத்தில் இருந்து வரும் தகவல்.
14-03-2018Press Release - In Response to the Recent Riots in the Country
11-02-2018Wedding Beurs 5th Edition (Photos)
13-01-2018Thai Pongal Message 2018
01-01-2018New Year Message 2018