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75th National Independence Day Message

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Arya Cakravartti Dynasty


On the occasion of the 75th National Independence Day, I extend my greetings and best wishes to all the people in Sri Lanka and around the world.

Remembering our past is extremely important. But we also have to think about building our future. Freedom is something you have to fight for and it cannot be brought by money.

During the reign of my ancestors Sri Lanka had a rich economic history. I am deeply concerned about the ongoing crisis in the country and it is the worst in the history of Sri Lanka.

The continuation of the present situation is unacceptable. I believe that Government has an important role to play to solve the ongoing crises in the country. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind that politicians are accountable and should serve the people and fulfil the people’s demands.

As mentioned before corruption is one of the critical issues around the world, especially in under developed and developing countries. If people stop paying bribes the corruption could be eliminated. The laws related to corruption should be made strict and the punishment for corruption should be very severe. Those who are involved and found guilty of corruption should be punished by law.

The families of people who have disappeared need proper investigation into the disappearances. Therefore investigation should be conducted of the disappearances and missing persons and the families of the victims should be provided with proper answers.

Narcotic drugs are being smuggled into the country. In recent years, use of drugs has been increased among young people in the Northern and other parts of the country. Drugs are ruining our young generation and drug trafficking is a serious offence. Therefore I urge the Law Enforcement Authorities that Narcotic drugs should be eliminated in the country and drug traffickers should face severe punishment. Without further delay Death Penalty should be implemented in Sri Lanka. Government is responsible for making laws and ensuring that they are enforced.

If there are any suspects in connection with the Easter Sunday attacks should be arrested and they should be punished by law.

It is my sincere wish and that all Sri Lankans should come forward to build a harmonious Sri Lanka. In order to achieve peace and unity in our country, we have to work together. Therefore I urge all Sri Lankans to come forward and join hands for the happiness of the whole country.

May the blessings of Noble Triple Gem be with you all!

Rajadhani Nilayam
The Netherlands