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News Archives


24-12-2017Christmas Message 2017
24-07-2017Press Release
25-06-2017Ramadan Message 2017
11-06-2017Interview For Yarl Thinakkural Tamil Newspaper
24-05-2017An Important Document Sent to the Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council
24-05-2017யாழ்ப்பாண அரசின் அரச கட்டளை
12-05-2017Important Message Issued By The Raja Of Jaffna
11-05-2017யாழ்ப்பாண அரசின் முக்கிய செய்தி
14-04-2017 Sinhala and Tamil New Year Message 2017
14-01-2017Thai Pongal Message 2017
01-01-2017New Year Message 2017


24-12-2016Christmas Message 2016
06-12-2016Condolence Message on the demise of Tamil Nadu Hon. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jeyaram
29-10-2016Deepavali Message 2016
22-10-2016Press Release
16-10-2016Condolence Message Sent to the Kingdom of Thailand
18-07-2016Deepam Press News
06-07-2016Ramadan Message 2016
02-06-2016The Official Announcement Of The Royal Standard - Redesigned
13-04-2016Sinhala and Tamil New Year Message 2016
07-04-2016ராஜதானி நிலையத்திலிருந்து செய்தி வெளியீடு (Press)
05-04-2016ஆரிய சக்கரவத்திகளான யாழ்ப்பாண அரசர்களின் வாளைக் குறித்த செய்தி வெளியீடு (Press)
28-03-2016Letter sent to His Majesty the King Philippe of Belgium
07-02-2016Deepam Newspaper Press Interview (Press)
01-02-2016Letter sent to Akaram Library Piramanthanaru Community Centre
17-01-2016Ravaya Newpaper (Press)
15-01-2016Thai Pongal Message 2016
01-01-2016New Year Message 2016


25-12-2015Christmas Message 2015
29-11-2015Thinacheithi Tamil News Paper Press Interview (Press)
14-11-2015Press Release
10-11-2015Deepavali Message
25-10-2015Bharathanatyam Arangetram
24-10-2015Sri Lanka Food Fair
18-10-2015Silampoli Kalashetra Fine Arts Academy Music & Dance Event (Photo)
07-10-2015Letter sent to the Royal Temple Nallur
16-09-2015Rajadhani Nilayam Urgent Press Release
15-08-2015Press Release - For the Parliamentary Election
28-07-2015The President of Sri Lanka visited the Royal Temple in Nallur, Jaffna
24-06-2015The Official Announcement of the Royal Coat of Arms - Redesigned
24-06-2015The Official Announcement of the Royal Flag - Redesigned
25-05-2015Flag Hoisting Ceremony of the Royal Temple (Photo)
20-05-2015Urgent Press Release
13-05-2015The Roles of Royals: Interview with HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah of Jaffna
14-04-2015Sinhala and Tamil New Year Message 2015
30-03-2015The Death Announcement of the Chief Priest of the Royal Temple of the Kingdom of Jaffna
27-02-2015Ayurveda Cheese Launching Ceremony (Photo)
15-01-2015Thai Pongal Message 2015
06-01-2015Press Release - For the President Election
01-01-2015New Year Message 2015


09-11-2014Keynote Speech and Interview at the ICD Berlin (YouTube)
09-11-2014Keynote Speech at the ICD Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
07-11-2014A World Without Walls Organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (Photo)
19-08-2014Urgent Press Release Regarding the Manthiri Manai - Royal Abode (Press)
19-08-2014Urgent Press Release Regarding the Manthiri Manai - Royal Abode (Full text in Tamil Language) (Press)
21-07-2014Message of Condolence sent to the King of the Netherlands
21-07-2014Message of Condolence sent to the Prime Minister of the Netherlands
21-07-2014Message of Condolence sent to The Sultan Supreme Head of State of Malaysia
18-07-2014The Condolence Message - Flight MH17
28-06-2014HRH Raja of Jaffna Attended the Wedding Ceremony in Paris (Photo)
16-06-2014Ceylon Today News Paper Press Interview (Press)
03-06-2014Interview By BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast Programme
27-05-2014Letter Send to The Prime Minister of India
20-05-2014Ceylon Today News Paper Press Interview (Press)
18-05-2014Thinakkural News Paper Press Interview (Press)
25-04-2014Dinner Reception at the Ambassador's Residence (Photo)
14-04-2014Sinhala and Tamil New Year Message 2014
06-04-2014Flag Hoisting Ceremony of the Royal Temple (Photo)
06-04-2014Avurudu Pola 2014 (Photo)
25-02-2014The Death Announcement of Ilavarasi Seetha Devi Selvarajah
04-02-2014The 66th National Independence Day Celebration of Sri Lanka (Photo)
17-01-2014The Death Announcement of Shri Prithivi Rajah of the Royal Family of Kandy
14-01-2014Thai Pongal Message 2014
01-01-2014New Year Message 2014


18-12-2013Condolence Message sent to the Royal Family of Travancore
11-12-2013Condolence Message sent to the Royal Family of Mysore
10-12-2013Condolence Message sent to Rani of Udayarpalayam Zamin
09-12-2013Condolence Message sent to the President of South Africa
24-11-2013HRH Raja of Jaffna Congratulates Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka
03-11-2013Deepavali Message 2013
05-08-2013Urgent Press Release
02-08-2013New Jaffna Online News
05-07-2013Flag Hoisting Ceremony of the Royal Temple
25-04-2013The Royal Temple Festival - 2013 (Photo)
16-04-2013Special Interview By Ilankainet
14-04-2013Sinhala and Tamil New Year Message 2013
14-01-2013Thai Pongal Message 2013
01-01-2013New Year Message 2013


09-12-2012Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
29-11-2012Urgent Press Release
13-11-2012Deepavali Message 2012
18-10-2012Condolence Message send to HM The King of Cambodia
23-09-2012Charity Concert Autumn Breeze 2012
01-07-2012Peace Message
27-04-2012The Royal Temple Festival (Photo)
25-04-2012Flag Hoisting Ceremony of the Royal Temple
13-04-2012Sinhala and Tamil New Year Message 2012
30-03-2012Financial Times Wealth Magazine
25-03-2012Women's Day Meeting
20-03-2012Condolence Message sent to HRH The Crown Prince of Tonga
24-02-2012Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
05-02-2012Mawbima Newspaper Article
15-01-2012Thai Pongal Message 2012
04-01-2012Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
01-01-2012New Year Message 2012


26-11-2011Miss India Holland Pageant 2011
26-10-2011Happy Deepavali Message 2011
02-08-2011Press Release - New Statue of King Cankili Cekaracacekaran
28-07-2011NOS Journaal - Dutch TV News Interview (Video)
23-07-2011Message send to His Majesty The King of Norway
15-07-2011Rajadhani Nilayam Urgent Press Release
15-07-2011Tamil United News (Urgent Press News)
25-06-2011Odd One In - ITV1 British TV Panel Show
18-05-2011Tamil United News (Press News)
18-04-2011Condolence Message send to Her Highness Maharani of Jaipur
14-04-2011Sinhala and Tamil New Year Message
14-01-2011Thai Pongal Message 2011
01-01-2011The First Video New Year Message 2011 (Video)


25-12-2010Christmas Message 2011
15-12-2010The Royal Family of Jaffna has launched a YouTube Channel
06-12-2010Let's Fight for HIV/AIDS & Save the Victims
05-11-2010Happy Deepavali Message
17-08-2010Kingdom of Jaffna online video
08-07-2010Interview with HRH The Prince of Jaffna, By Dr. Celler Tibor
24-05-2010Trio of Royal Romeos gives it all up for Love
19-05-2010Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
12-05-2010Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
06-05-2010Urgent Press Release-To protect all Cultural Heritage of the Tamil People
23-04-2010Pandara Vanniyan Memorial Place Destroyed in Katchilaimadu
01-03-2010KRO Magazine
23-01-2010Special interview with the Prince of Jaffna, By Vincent Jeyan


03-10-2009F.C.E.E. Gala at LandHotel Schnuck in Schneverdingen (Photo)
03-10-2009HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah visited Luneburger Heide (Photo)
02-10-2009HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah was invited for (F.C.E.E.) Gala (Photo)
06-08-2009De Telegraaf (Dutch Press News)
13-07-2009High Tea at Hotel Des Indes in The Hague
19-05-2009Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
04-05-2009Letter sent to Her Majesty The Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
20-03-2009The Raja of Jaffna was invited by H.E. the Ambassador of most Serene Republic of San Marino
17-03-2009HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah was interviewed by RTL Boulevard
02-01-2009An Official announcement from the Rajadhani Nilayam change of First Name


24-12-2008“The Undercover Princes” in the Telegraph Newspaper (Press)
23-12-2008“The Undercover Princes” on BBC Three (Press)
22-12-2008Letter send to HRH Prince Africa Zulu
30-11-2008HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah and HH Yuvraj Manvendra Singh Gohil attended functions in Amsterdam (Photo)
25-11-2008HH Yuvraj Manvendra of Rajpipla visited the Netherlands (Photo)
04-10-2008HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah attended the Bharata Natyam Arangetram at Katwijk (Photo)
16-07-2008Prince at Lakeside Magic at Kingston Maurward (Press)
16-07-2008HRH Prince Remigius Kanagarajah visited the Damers School in Dorchester (Press)
11-07-2008HRH Prince Remigius Kanagarajah visited the Damers School in Dorchester (Press)
10-07-2008HRH Prince Remigius Kanagarajah attended the Lakeside Magic at Kingston Maurward (Photo)
10-06-2008Condolence Message send to HH The Maharaja of Travancore
30-04-2008Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
19-02-2008Letter send to H.E. The President Mahinda Rajapaksa
28-01-2008The Royal House of Jaffna has launched its first online video


24-07-2007Condolence Message send to HRH The Crown Prince of Afghanistan
30-06-2007The 1st Edition of the Royal Families Worldwide Newsletter By Mr. Mark Watson
25-05-2007A letter from HRH Crown Prince Soulivong Savang of Laos
19-05-2007A letter from HRH Crown Prince Willem Alexander
16-05-2007A letter from The Buckingham Palace
05-05-2007A letter from The Amalienborg Royal Palace of Denmark
01-05-2007Letter sent to His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nation
14-04-2007The Tamil and Sinhalese New Year Message
27-03-2007Rajadhani Nilayam Urgent Press Release
19-02-2007Message sent to His Majesty The King of Norway
07-02-2007A Message from The Dutch Royal House
25-01-2007Message sent to Her Majesty The Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
11-01-2007Letter sent to HRH Princess Margriet and Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven


27-12-2006A Official Announcement by the Private Secretarty
28-11-2006HRH Prince Remigius Kanagarajah called the Bishop's House of Jaffna
14-11-2006Condolence Message
10-11-2006Letter to send to H.E. The President of Sri Lanka
09-11-2006Prince of Jaffna condemns Vaharai attack on the displaced civilians
16-10-2006Rajadhani Nilayam Press Release
12-10-2006Condolence message sent to H.R.H. Prince Osman Rifat Ibrahim
16-09-2006BNI Charity Summer Ball 2006 (Photo)
15-09-2006HRH Prince Remigius Kanagarajah visited Chester (Photo)
19-08-2006Letter sent to His Majesty The King of Morocco
16-08-2006The following statement is issued by His Royal Highness Prince Remigius Kanagarajah
16-08-2006Return of a Prince by The Nation News (Press)
04-08-2006The following statement from the Rajadhani Nilayam
28-07-2006Letter sent to The Bishop of Jaffna
22-07-2006A Letter From The Grand Palace of Bangkok, Thailand
05-07-2006A Letter From The Archbishop of Utrecht
20-06-2006Letter sent to The Secretary General of the United Nation
19-06-2006Letter sent to His Majesty The King of Norway
01-06-2006Letter sent to His Majesty King of Thailand
30-05-2006Letter sent to The President of Indonesia
30-05-2006Letter sent to Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India
22-05-2006A Letter from The Buckingham Palace
19-05-2006An Appeal for the Resumption of Peace Talks in Sri Lanka
19-05-2006Letter sent to His Majesty King of Nepal
12-05-2006Condolence Message Sent to Mrs. Wenche Furuhovde of Norway
10-05-2006A Letter from The Amalienborg Royal Palace Denmark
05-05-2006A Letter from The Royal Palace Brussels
09-03-2006A letter from the Royal Palace of Oslo
28-01-2006Burns Night Supper at Warrington, Manchester


29-12-2005A letter from the Maharaja of Jodhpur
26-12-2005A Year Since the Tsunami Disaster
21-12-2005Prince Remigius Kanagarajah meets children from Bosnia (Photo)
21-12-2005A letter sent to His Majesty The King Harald V. of Norway
06-07-2005A letter from HRH Prince Hamzah Bin Al Hussein
15-06-2005A letter from HRH Dom Duarte, Duke of Braganca
15-06-2005Succeed as Head of the Royal House of Jaffna
01-06-2005A letter from the Office of the Palace Noordeinde
30-05-2005A Letter from Rt.Rev.Dr. Thomas Savundaranayagam - Bishop of Jaffna
18-05-2005Charity Dinner Dance hosted in Aid of Tsunami Victims
09-05-2005Official letter sent to His Majesty The King Harald V. of Norway
02-05-2005The Death Announcement of Ilavarasi Sivagnanam Sothy Nadarajah
28-04-2005A letter from Secretarit of State of The Vatican
19-04-2005Message sent to His Holiness Pope Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI
15-04-2005Message sent to Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands
07-04-2005Condolence message sent to H.S.H Crown Prince Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre
04-04-2005Condolence message sent to the Vatican
05-03-2005Dinner Hosted by the Free Masons (Photo)
22-02-2005A Letter from The Buckingham Palace
14-02-2005A Letter from the Office of the Canadian Prime Minister
11-02-2005The Royal Order from Portugal
11-02-2005Peace Message to mark 500 years (1505 - 2005)
26-01-2005In memory victims of the Tsunami
19-01-2005A Vote of Thanks for International Aid for Tsunami Victims in Sri Lanka
07-01-2005A Letter from His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni


27-12-2004News Article on Appeal for International help for Sri Lanka (Press)
10-11-2004The Death Announcement of Ilavarasan Mahendran Yogaraj Sundaram Melvin Arasaratnam
14-10-2004News Article in Lankaweb the Peace Message (Press)
07-10-2004News Article in The Orcadian a local paper of Orkney Island, Scotland
06-10-2004News Article on Peace Message (Press)
03-10-2004The Royal Wedding Blessing took place at Balfour Castle (Photo)
05-06-2004The Trooping of the Colours The Queens Birthday Parade
01-06-2004A Official Announcement of The Wedding
20-03-2004The Death Announcement of Shri Kandi Ramamurthy Rajah of the Royal Family of Kandy (Photo)


18-10-2003Diamond Jubilee of The Monarchist League, London 60th Anniversary Dinner
01-07-2003In Memory of the 10th Death Anniversary
21-06-2003In memory of the 25th Death Anniversary
19-06-2003A Letter from Shri Kandi Ramamurthy Rajah
30-01-2003News Article Pathivukal ’Kopay Castle’ (Press)
30-01-2003News Article Pathivukal ‘Sangili Vaarisu’ (Press)
03-01-2003In Memory of the 5th Death Anniversary